German Shepherd Female Puppies For Sale

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The German Shepherd is a large breed of dog originally bred as a police dog in Germany. They are one of the most versatile breeds and commonly work as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, protection dogs, herding dogs, hunting companions, or guardians. Because of their hardworking nature, they make excellent family pets. However you want to use your dog, you have to start with good breeding. A high-quality German Shepherd female is hard to find.

I know it can be hard to choose the right breeder because most kennels will tell you anything to buy their dogs. There are a few things to look out for when choosing a breeder. First, they should provide you with the medical history of the parents and all their puppies. The parents should be "hip scored" by qualified vets and have certification from organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC). This way, you can research how they health-tested their dogs before breeding.

The next thing to consider is temperament. The German Shepherd has historically been ranked as the third most intelligent dog globally, surpassing almost all other breeds. Therefore, you must choose a breeder who tests their dogs for intelligence, agility, and response training before breeding them. All these factors are very important when choosing good-quality puppies.

A reputable breeder will provide you with all the information on their dogs and have nothing to hide. A good GSD female should be around 55 pounds.

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