SmithFarms German Shepherd Puppies for sale

Our Guarantee

SmithFarms German Shepherds proudly gives health guarantee on German Shepherd puppies as they are health tested by licensed veterinaries. We do everything we can do deliver you a puppy a healthy and happy puppy.

However, sometimes untimely death could happen due to hereditary disorders or life-threatening diseases. It’s an unfortunate situation of course. We do understand how saddened a pet owner can be by the sudden demise of the beloved pet. That’s why we always keep an alternative option to lessen the sadness of your loss. For such cases, we replace the puppy with another German Shepherd puppy of an equal value. But we do need you to give us a licensed veterinary-verified certificate of the diagnoses before giving you another puppy. Meaning, we need a proper certificate stating the exact cause of the death of the puppy. And the certificate has to be issued by a licensed veterinarian. Only then your deceased puppy will be replaced with another healthy puppy of equal value as soon as possible.

In order to provide proof the puppy was bought from SmithFarms German Shepherd, you will have to provide us the microchip that was given to you when you bought the puppy. We want to make sure that we are provided all the proper documents starting from the buying record to vet checkup records when you intend on using the “Guarantee” benefit.

Nothing makes us happier than to place an absolutely healthy puppy into your home. We are happy to help you with meeting your forever furry friend. For more information, feel free to contact us.