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About Smith Farms German Shepherds

Smith Farms German Shepherd is a locally operated business located in Badger, Minnesota. We specialize in German Shepherd Breeding and putting up AKC registered puppies for sale. We have helped many German Shepherd lovers in getting their favorites pets ever since the inception of our business. Our love and passion for German Shepherds have grown tremendously over the years. We have more than hundreds of happy customers for providing them pure quality breed puppies.

In order to make sure the customers get what they want, we make sure to produce only high and pure quality breeds. Our dogs and puppies are absolutely beautiful, adorable, and healthy. All the adult dogs and puppies are raised in a friendly environment and taken care of by our dog lover staff. And we have them vaccinated and de-wormed by licensed veterinarians when the time comes. Thus, the puppies we have for sale are healthy and have in-house training.

Smith Farms German Shepherds is a fully licensed business company and we follow an AKC inspected and approved-breeding program. Our primary goal is to provide the kinds of breeds the customers pay for. And we focus on keeping the prices of the puppies reasonable so that every dog lover can afford to pay.

We are dedicated to placing the right dog in the right family. A German Shepherd is the most faithful companion and the best friend you can ever have for you and kids. It’s time you welcome a German Shepherd puppy into the family. We are sure your kids would be excited to have a sweet-adorable puppy. At Smith Farms German Shepherd, you will get what you are looking for!

We Ship Our Puppies To All Over The US.

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