Reasons why you would want a German Shepherd Dog in your family ?

Smart, intelligent, loyal, and easily trainable, what’s not to love about German Shepherds? They are ever-popular dog breeds that any dog lover would want to have. German Shepherds are super active and adorable!

Red & Black German Shepherds are very much common and popular. It’s probably the most preferred color among German Shepherds. This is one of the GSD varieties recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

German Shepherds tend to be very loyal, intelligent, and obedient if they are trained at a young age. GSD’s should have socialization and obedient training when the time comes. 

A German Shepherd puppy would get along well with children and other pets if raised in a friendly environment and provided the right training. German Shepherds tend to be aggressive towards strangers. Hence, it’s important to train your GSD puppy to prevent disobedience, aggressive, and violent tendencies. 

What Makes German Shepherds A Uniquely Special Dog Breed? 

  • They are majestically beautiful 
  • They come in different colors- black, red, tan, grey, red & black, black & tan, black & silver, and sable 
  • They are highly intelligent 
  • They are super smart 
  • They are adaptable 
  • They are healthy 
  • They are super active and playful 
  • They are courageous 
  • They are devoted to their families 
  • They are incredibly loyal and protective of their owners 
  • They can adapt to any weather 

All these unique characteristics make German Shepherds a special dog breed. 

Living With German Shepherds 

Because of their protective instincts and courageous nature, German Shepherds are often used as working dogs in the military force. They are large-sized and powerful dogs with strong protective & guarding instincts. 

Whether it’s a full-black German Shepherd puppy or a red & black puppy, living with a German Shepherd will be nothing but incredible if you train him or her well. GSD’s should be exposed to socialization to make them friendly. 

Just like every dog breed, they need proper care, attention, love, and training. Thus, when you decide to bring a German Shepherd puppy to your home, make sure you are prepared to invest your time and energy in taking care of your furry friend. 

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