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How to Choose and Take Care of a German Shepherd Puppy?

When it comes to bringing home a new puppy, it takes a lot of planning and puppy-proofing as well. It’s a quite big and important decision as a puppy requires constant care and attention. Thus, if you wish to buy a sire puppy, make sure you are ready to take the responsibility of taking care of a puppy.


So, what puppy are you thinking of buying? If it’s to us, we would recommend you making a German Shepherd puppy a member of your family. And why is that? It’s because German Shepherds are super-intelligent, highly trainable, and extremely loyal towards their owners. Who wouldn’t want a German Shepherd puppy? Every dog lover would.


Choosing a Breeder

Now, how and from where would you buy a German Shepherd puppy? You would need a German Shepherd breeder to buy a puppy. While there are a number of dog breeders available, but not everyone is reliable. Therefore, it’s important to find the right one. You can find a breeder by referrals from your friends, dog groomers, vets, neighbors, or any other German Shepherd dog owners that you know of.

Whether you want to buy a dam puppy or sire puppy near Badger or anywhere, make sure to do all your research and background checks carefully before finally choosing a breeder. A good breeder will offer you a reasonable deal and pure dog breeds that are AKC registered. Furthermore, a good breeder will ask you to provide all the proper documents that are necessary to buy a German Shepherd puppy. Therefore, make sure you are making a deal with the right German Shepherd dog breeder.

Taking care of a German Shepherd puppy

Make sure to take your puppy to a licensed & certified vet near you for a complete health checkup within 48 hours after purchasing.

Just like every other pet, a German Shepherd puppy would need constant care, attention, and the right training at the right time. German Shepherds are characterized by their wiry and medium length hair with thick undercoats. Their coats should be brushed frequently and routine grooming is necessary as well. Make sure to give your puppy a proper bath when necessary. Also, do not forget to trim the nails of your puppy to let him or her walk around comfortably. Be prepared to have dog hairs on your clothes, furniture, and everywhere in your home if you want to be a dog owner.

Remember, a German Shepherd dog can turn into an aggressive dog if he or she is not trained properly. Therefore, it’s important that you start training your puppy at the right time with an effective method.

Diet and Nutrition for German Shepherd Puppies

Usually, a German Shepherd needs two meals a day depending on the size, age, and other factors. Since they are prone to bloating, one large meal is not good for them. Feed your puppy proper dog food. Also, make sure your puppy has access to clean and freshwater.

Remember to monitor your puppy’s health and weight from time to time. If you notice something unusual, visit your vet to discuss your puppy’s health issues and other issues as well. Besides the owner, the vet plays a crucial role in ensuring a healthy life of a pet.