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Full Breed German Shepherd Puppies for Sale at Smith Farms German Shepherds online store, we take pride in providing pure quality German shepherd breeds in Badger, Minnesota. We are a member of the registered AKC (American Kennel Club) organization. It is a wonderful ongoing commitment program to care for the well-being of full breed German shepherd puppies as well as dogs of all the breeds.

Full Breed German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

About Our German Full Breed German Shepherd Puppies and Dogs

However, if we specifically discuss German shepherd puppies and dogs then undoubtedly they are one of the most adorable and popular dog breeds in America as well as around the globe because they are surprisingly very intelligent, protective, loving, and affectionate. One of the best parts of their character is that they are very loyal and devoted to their owners. They are courageous, capable, versatile, and possess the ability to learn commands and follow instructions that are truly unmatched.

Additionally, the German shepherd puppies and dogs can easily assist in many tasks such as drug detection, military services, search and rescue tasks as well as assisting the handicapped and disabled people. They also serve as a faithful companion and are considered as a human best friend.

Our German shepherd breed puppies and dogs characteristics include:


  • They adapt well to apartment living
  • They can tolerate hot and cold weather
  • They possess a sensitivity level

Health grooming level-

  • They are very easy to groom
  • Shedding level is normal
  • Size varies according to gender


  • They are very intelligent
  • They are easy to train
  • They have the potential for mouthiness

Exercise requirements

  • They have the potential for playfulness
  • Their energy level is high
  • Maximum intensity level

Friendliness nature

  • They are dog-friendly
  • They are affectionate with family members
  • They are quite friendly towards strangers

We Love What We Do!

We ensure to take good care of the full breed German shepherd puppies for sale that we breed as well as raise. Moreover, our puppies and dogs are raised within the premises to provide constant care by their mothers and us! Our team will surely love to help you choose a healthy and happy puppy for your family! With us, you have the opportunity to avail the “Guarantee” benefit.

For further information, feel completely free to ask any queries, simply contact us at (949) 6135191. Follow us on Facebook!