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AKC Registered German Shepherd Breeders in MN

AKC registered German Shepherd Breeders in MN are an essential part of the German shepherd world. They are responsible for breeding German shepherds that will eventually be adopted or sold to pet stores or other German shepherd businesses. There are many German shepherd breeders in MN, but how can you find the right one? We have compiled a list of things to ask and some questions to help you on your way!

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How Do I Choose an AKC registered German Shepherd Breeder?

There are many things to consider when choosing a German Shepherd breeder. You first need to figure out what type of dog you want and then find that specific breeder. There are several varieties of the German Shepherd, including American Show Lines, European Show Lines, Multi-Lines (hybrids), etcetera. Once you have chosen your combination, it might be helpful to decide if there should be any certain temperament traits or color qualities involved with your new puppy. For example, some German shepherd breeders in MN will only sell their German shepherds to families with children, and other German shepherds might be sold exclusively as guard dogs.

How Do I Know If the German Shepherd Breeder Is Good?

Like any business or person, you need to look into them before giving them your money! First thing's first; make sure the breeder has a license from The American Kennel Club (AKC). This way, they are guaranteed by an organization that values quality over quantity when breeding healthy animals. Also, check out all of their references and talk to past buyers about their experiences with this specific German Shepherd breeder in Minnesota. A good German Shepherd breeder will allow you to visit their German shepherds and facilities before signing any contracts or handing over your money.

How Long Have They Been Breeding German Shepherds?

It is essential because if they have not been breeding for very long, it might be better to go with someone else. The breeders may not know what they are doing yet or bred the only dogs/puppies available, so there is no way of knowing how their pups will turn out!

Do You Let People See Your German Shepherds at Any Point? If So, When and How Often?

Having a good relationship between your breeder and yourself can make all the difference when you get your new puppy from Minnesota. It should be easy to schedule visits before agreeing on any contracts or deals. Try going multiple times because you can see how the puppies interact in different situations around people than just themselves- this shows the proper temperament of the puppy and how it might act with your family.

What Is Their German Shepherd's Temperament Like?

If the german shepherd breeder tells you that their german shepherds love all people, children, and dogs, they know how to breed good puppies. However, if they tell you something different like "it depends on what each pup decides" or "they tend to be aggressive with other dogs," maybe you should look elsewhere for your new best friend - it might not be worth bringing home a german shepherd who has some negative traits associated with them.

What Is Their German Shepherd's Color Like?

Color can play an essential role in choosing which german shepherd breeder you want to go through since there are many colors that german shepherds can come in. While german shepherd breeders in MN specializing in german shepherds of one color are most likely good at what they do, it is essential to ask about the German Shepherd's specific coat type and coloring because this might not be best for them depending on your lifestyle, living situation, or family needs.

What Do Their German Shepherds Weigh?

This will help you determine if their pups would fit into your home! You don't want a german shepherd pup who weighs over 100 lbs when fully grown (which is familiar with some lines). Anything too small like 50lbs wouldn't work either since there isn't enough protection behind them- especially as an adult german shepherd.

What Is the German Shepherd's Height?

Since German Shepherds are large dogs, they will grow quite tall if they have a long leg length! If you live in an apartment, this might not work for your lifestyle no matter how much that German shepherd pup may fit into other areas of what you need- it could still pose problems with fitting through doors or getting around indoors when fully grown.

It applies equally well if their German shepherd dog breeder tells you their German shepherds are very small, but also anything too big would make life difficult since there isn't room in everyday spaces like homes, cars, etc.

Do They Have Any German Shepherds in Training or For Sale That You Could See Up Close and Personal?

Do they have any German shepherds in training or for sale that you could see up close and personal? This way, you can feel what the German Shepherd puppy is like when it might be older. If German shepherd puppies are available to play with, this indicates how well socialized they are, which will make all the difference when bringing home your new German shepherd pup!

It would also show if these pups are not overly aggressive or agitating towards people and other dogs since some breeds need more work than others - no matter their age. Also, while seeing an adult german shepherd dog might help determine breed lines of where this particular one comes from, it doesn't indicate much about their german Shepherd's temperament and personality - german shepherds can be trained to behave. Still, they might not always come out like that!

What Additional Questions Should I Ask a German Shepherd Breeder?

When talking with the German shepherd breeder, it is vital to be prepared! You might want to make some notes ahead of time on specific things that are most important for you and your family in a new puppy (temperament, color, size). It's okay if these don't line up precisely with what they have available at this point- there may be something similar coming up soon that will fit into what you need ideally! Some questions you might want to ask a German shepherd breeder include:

  • How far away are the facilities from where I live? Do they allow visits before a purchase is made/contract signed?
  • Can I speak to other buyers who have purchased German shepherds from them in the past, if needed, regarding references?
  • How many dogs do they breed each year, and how long does it take to produce one litter of puppies?
  • Do they offer any guarantee or warranty with their German shepherds? Which ones and for what amount of time/age are the German Shepherds guaranteed until?
  • What should I be looking out for when visiting German Shepherd Breeders in Minnesota (or anywhere)?
  • When was this dog's last veterinarian checkup, and what were their results?


Remember to be kind but firm with your questions! You should feel comfortable speaking about what you want directly with this breeder- if not, it might be time to move on! Remember that there will always be another German Shepherd breeder available.