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Interesting Facts about the Smart German shepherd Dogs

Welcome to Smith Farms German Shepherds, we are a dedicated locally operated business in Badger, Minnesota. Our goal is to produce only pure and high-quality breeds in order to ensure our valuable customers are100% satisfied and happy with the decision to pay for. Moreover, we make sure to keep the puppies or adult dogs’ prices reasonable enough so that every dog lover has the access to afford our absolutely adorable, healthy, cute, and beautiful dogs. We put up AKC (American Kennel Club) registered puppies and German shepherd dogs for sale and also specialize in German shepherd breeding for many years.

German Shepherd Dogs For Sale

We have something interesting facts about your most favorite German shepherd dogs. Keep reading to learn about it-

What Is the Origin of German shepherd Dogs?

Basically, the German shepherd dogs are also referred to as ‘GSD or Police Dog’. They are the descendants of a small group of German breeders from Northwest Germany. The German shepherd club was established in 1900 by a retired Calvary officer and registered World’s First German shepherd dogs in the year 1914 when World War 1 broke out and kindly offered some of his dogs for military service. Moreover, one of the best facts is that around 48000 German shepherd dogs had served in the armed forces as scouts, message carriers, and telephone line layers. 

When we discuss their coats you will find three types of German shepherd Dogs. They are:


What Is the Exact Lifespan of a German shepherd dog?

Usually, German shepherd dogs live up to 9-13 years of age.

What is the weight and height of a German shepherd dog?

What Are the Colors of German shepherd Dogs?

They come in red/black, sable, black, black/Tan also with a white and cream color combination that has grown its popularity among dog lovers in recent years.

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Invite an adorable family member to take care of your loved ones. German shepherd dogs are in the sale. At Smith Farms shepherd, our all dogs and puppies are raised in a friendly environment and also dewormed and vaccinated by licensed veterinarians. We will surely help you out to choose the perfect puppy for you!

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