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Where To Buy Full Breed German Shepherd Puppies?

The German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular dog breeds globally, and for good reasons. They are intelligent, loyal, courageous, smart, and capable working dogs. Suppose you already own or have come across a German Shepherd dog. In that case, you must know that their devotion & loyalty is amazingly unmatched.

You can’t find full-breed German Shepherd puppies everywhere. That’s where the dog breeders come into play. If you prefer a purebred dog, then a breeder is the best option. Meaning, you will have to buy one from the breeder. 

Don’t worry. Good breeders deal with quality bred puppies and dogs. That’s why when it comes to buying a full-breed German Shepherd dog, you must make sure to find a trustworthy breeder. 

Welcome To Smithfarms German Shepherds – The Best GSD Breeder In USA

Smithfarms German Shepherds is where you will find the perfect German Shepherd dog if you have been looking for one. If you are into pure-breed dogs, this is the place for you. 

At Smithfarms German Shepherds, we have pure quality and long-haired German Shepherd puppies for sale at reasonable prices. We have kept our prices at reasonable rates so that everyone can afford their much-loved GSD puppies. 

With regular vet checks and necessary care, we regularly monitor the health of our puppies and dogs to keep them as healthy as possible. We only offer the best because you want the best! You will get healthy, and AKC registered GSD puppies by choosing Smithfarms German Shepherds.

How To Determine Whether German Shepherd Puppy Is A Purebred Or Not? 

German Shepherds are often seen in the military used as working dogs. It’s because they are very intelligent, obedient, trainable, fearless, and incredibly protective of their owners. GSDs also make excellent family dogs. As a matter of fact, German Shepherds are considered as one of the most popular family dogs. 

Generally, you won’t find pure-breed German Shepherds in shelters. Even if you find one, this will be a rare case. So, if you prefer having a purebred GSD dog, a breeder is the only option you have left. 

Now, how do you figure out that the dog is purebred? It’s easy. You can examine the dog’s coat, physical characteristics and get a DNA test to identify the dog’s breed. 

  • Look at the dog’s coat 
  • Look for the color- usually, most purebred GSD dogs come in tan and black colors 
  • Notice their physical characteristics
  • Notice the ears and tails- the ears are pointy, and tails are bushy 
  • Notice the behavioral characteristics 
  • Ask the breeder when buying the dog 

When talking to the breeder, make yourself clear about what you want. 

Welcoming A German Shepherd Dog Into Your Home 

To be honest, having a dog is a matter of huge responsibility and commitment of 10 to 15 years. When it comes to adding a dog as a new member of your family, it takes a lot of planning, including puppy proofing. 

This is a big decision and responsibility. So, before you jump headfirst into this decision, think carefully about whether you are ready to have and take care of a puppy. You should evaluate certain factors such as your ability to take care of a dog, house spaces, financial ability, etc., before bringing a dog into your home. 

Remember, you will have to devote 10 to 15 years of your life to loving and caring for your dog. This is what it takes to have a GSD puppy or any other puppy. How well you train and socialize your GSD puppy will depend on the quality of the breed. This is something that you should keep in mind. 

How To Find & Buy A Purebred German Shepherd Puppy? 

Well, it’s simple, the best way to find & buy a purebred German Shepherd puppy is to find a trustworthy breeder. As the name suggests, Smithfarms German Shepherds only deals with breeding GSD dogs. 

So, when it comes to buying a quality bred, and AKC registered German Shepherd dog, you can absolutely count on Smithfarms German Shepherds. This is a breeder that will not disappoint you and help you find your perfect GSD puppy match. 

Every dog we have is absolutely healthy, whether it’s the mother, father, or puppies. Buy affordable female German Shepherd puppies & male German Shepherd puppies only at Smithfarms German Shepherds- the best and most trusted German Shepherd breeder in USA.