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Why German Shepherds Are The Best Breed?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. There are many reasons why German Shepherds are so irresistible: intelligence, a great work ethic, willingness to please their owners, and last but not least – they look gorgeous! It’s clear that this breed has earned its place as an all-time favorite.

If you are thinking about getting a german shepherd, you have probably already considered all the obvious reasons for owning one. But I bet somewhere in the back of your mind, there is also some legend that German Shepherds can only make good guard dogs.

I am here to tell you what they say is not true. But first, let’s debunk this myth.

Myth: German Shepherds can only make good guard dogs.

Fact: German Shepherds have been bred to be versatile working and herding dogs. They are extremely intelligent and hardworking, so they excel at various tasks – not just protecting. They were also originally used for herding cattle, so they get along quite well with other animals. German Shepherds make excellent companions for kids and are the third most intelligent breed of dog in the world. This means you can train your german shepherd to do just about anything.

Now that we have cleared up this common misconception about German shepherds let’s examine why they make the best family pets.


​They are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. German Shepherds excel at learning tricks, doing tasks, and understanding people. This makes them great for protection or as service dogs.

They are incredibly loyal and protective of their family. They get along well with children, other animals, strangers, and even other dogs.

Their thick coats keep them warm in the winter, and they shed less than some breeds.

With proper training (and when given the order to ‘stay’ or to ‘lay’), most German Shepherds will not leave your side.

They are intelligent, great with kids, and protective – what more could you want?

So now that I have convinced you to consider a German shepherd as your new family pet let’s talk about picking the right dog for your lifestyle.


Size: German Shepherds come in various sizes, ranging from about 28 pounds (12.7 kg) to 100 lbs (45 kg). It would be best to choose your dog based on the amount of space you have at home and how much exercise he will need each day.

Coat: The most common coat colors are black with tan or red with tan. However, German Shepherds can also be white or tan, black and tan, or just black, depending on the types of genes they inherit from their parents.

Temperament: Do not base your dog’s personality on how well he gets along with children during the interview process. Dogs who are stressed out when being interviewed will often hide their true nature. Instead, observe how your dog interacts with children and other animals during the walk-and-play portion of the interview process in a neutral environment.

Activity Level: German Shepherds need daily exercise and lots of room to play, so make sure you have both at home before you adopt one.

Adult Size: Make sure the dog you are choosing will still be small enough to fit in your home for at least another 6 months.

Vaccines and Health: When adopting from a shelter, make sure your dog has had all his vaccinations (or is up-to-date with them) and is healthy. This way, if anything comes up during the first year, it will be easier to keep your dog happy and healthy. Many shelters test for common diseases such as heartworm disease, so you can also ask your shelter if they test their dogs before adoption.

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