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What to Give a Dog with an Upset Stomach

As humans, when you have a stomach ache, you will reach out for ginger ale, medicine, or some home remedies. But what to do when your furry four-legged buddy has stomach issues? So, you may engage yourself in mastering the tricks of what to give a dog with an upset stomach.

You may begin by detecting the potential reason behind it by examining their behavior, or you may seek help from a specialist. So, the primary step is to determine the symptoms, which will help you conclude.

Indications That Your Canine Has an Upset Stomach:

Naturally, dogs with upset stomachs exhibit some or most symptoms:

  1. Gurgling noise from the stomach
  2. Tries eating grass or licking the floor
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Flatulence
  5. Salivation
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Vomiting

You must ignore the health issues of the canines as it can increase their suffering and your emotional and monetary expense. If they are severely ill, then do not try to treat them with home remedies. Immediately look for a vet and book an appointment.

What Are The Situations For Visiting A Vet Immediately?

  1. Lethargic
  2. Fever
  3. Continuous vomiting
  4. Continual diarrhea
  5. Dehydrated
  6. Nervousness
  7. Uncontrolled drooling
  8. Retching without any reason
  9. Distended stomach
  10. Blood in stool

These are some of the most critical situations when you need a specialist to help you with a dog’s upset stomach. However, let us look at home remedies when your dog has stomach issues.

Some Home Medications That Will Help Your Dog With Their Upset Stomach:

If you are sure your canine has an upset stomach, then there are more than 12 ways to fix it at home.

Ensure hydration

As the puppy owner, you must ensure they are hydrated around the clock. It becomes more critical if they are suffering from diarrhea or vomiting continuously. This is a condition when they are dehydrated much faster, leading to increased health conditions.

You may serve your dogs with ice chips within 2 to 4 hours and check if they can keep these away for longer.

It is better if you do not assume offering more water to stay hydrated. Canines require vitamins and electrolytes that help them retain fluid. Therefore, consider serving them with Pedialyte.

The proportion is similar to what you will provide to a small kid. If you are finding any difficulties, visit a dog food store to get the powdered form you can mix with water while giving it to your canine.

TIP: If you do not notice any difference in their health conditions after such treatments, then take your dog to a veterinarian immediately because dehydration leads to organ failure.

Review the temperature

The average temperature of a canine is 101.5° F, whereas a temperature higher than this signifies fever. Consider using a rectal thermometer when checking your dog’s temperature. The other thermometers are also available for them, but they need to give you accurate results.

However, if their temperature is 102°F or 99°F or lower, take your furry friend to a vet without delay. They can help diagnose the disease and suggest the best medication and treatment for them. Once you know the exact condition, you can treat them accordingly.

Causes behind upset stomach

Canines are highly notorious for consuming things that are not for them and will cause issues to their health. Mostly, their stomach is upset because they tend to ingest something that does not suit them. You must figure out the elements that might have caused stomach upset. Such information will help the vet with better and faster treatment. 

Do not give them food for 12 to 24 hours

For canines, it is customary to stay without food for a day or two in the natural habitat. Since their tummy is upset, fasting will help the organs rest and recover from any issues. Sometimes the liver or the intestines get inflamed, needing extra rest for recovery.

However, if your dog is still a puppy, then only remove their food for 12 hours. The other option is rubbing the puppy’s gums with syrup that helps keep the glucose level high. Also, you must verify that the syrup does not contain xylitol which proves to be lethal for canines.

Bone broth

The cooking process is easy and faster and helps serve your puppy delicious food. One of the most valuable things is that the bone broth stimulates healing. Preparing a bone broth takes almost a day; cook and freeze. Also, skim off the fats before you store them for freezing.

Diar Rice

DiarRice is a probiotic popular when serving a puppy with an upset stomach. You are suggested to perform this because it tastes like chicken and digests faster and more efficiently. If you notice no changes, then seek immediate medical help.

Light diet

After putting your canine on a fast for 12 to 24 hours, and you see that they have stopped vomiting, it means they can retain liquids, beginning with bland diets. It contains:-

  • 75% boiled rice
  • Cook with chicken meat
  • Add a lean hamburger
  • Avoid oils, spices, and fats in the food

You may begin increasing the amount slowly at an interval of an hour or two. If your dog can digest these, then continue with it. As soon as your dog improves, gradually move to his usual diet.


Probiotics are food that contains gut-friendly bacteria that help restore stomach health. Therefore, when you include probiotics in your dog’s diet, they help prevent gastrointestinal problems that will boost the immunity system of your canine. Give unsweetened plain yogurt as soon as your dog is healing and eating.

Healthy food

Some food that helps fix an upset stomach and make it firm in case of diarrhea includes:

  • Canned or plain pumpkin
  • Bananas
  • Oatmeal
  • Unsweetened or plain yogurt
  • Sweet potatoes

Slippery elm bark

When you visit a vet for your dog’s treatment, there is a specific suggestion that you may require following. Veterinarians often suggest slippery elm bark for dogs because it is a herb that helps treat canines suffering from digestive disorders. This herb contains mucilage that coats, soothe, and lubricate inflamed membranes in a dog’s stomach.

Dissuade canines from eating grass

It has been seen that some dogs have the drive to eat grass, especially when their belly is upset. Vets usually say that they do this to vomit, but not all agree.

But, the standard issue on which the vets agree is that the chemicals and fertilizers in the lawn grass make it harmful for the canines. Remember, it is poisonous for the puppies, and you must ensure they do not ingest them.


The best way to relieve the dog is by giving them medicine for diarrhea, but the most important thing is to seek assistance from a vet before giving them any medication. There are situations when the drug can have side effects on your puppy. Therefore, please ask the vet about it before giving them the medicine.

While these medications are beneficial for the dog and help them feel better, however, several reasons can cause harm to your canines. Therefore, prevent the exact causes for them to become sick again.

Now that you know that feeding a sick dog is one of the most troublesome tasks facing this challenge with utmost care is also mandatory. Some recipes will aid their recovery and ensure quick relief for them.

While you cannot use these as a substitute for the medicine, it stimulates the rehab process.

Therefore, every pet owner must know what to give a dog with an upset stomach. However, a bland diet is understood to ease the canine’s health conditions. Therefore, your dog mandates medical help and home care when overpowering an upset stomach.

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