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Belgian Malinois Vs German Shepherd

German shepherd dogs are popular among dog lovers. This breed has been the second most prevalent in America for a decade. Alternatively, the Belgian Malinois is less famous among canine lovers. These two breeds are similar in specific characteristics. Hence, you must know the difference to help you understand them better.

Let’s Compare German Shepherd & Belgian Malinois:

There are specific points to indicate the difference between the two. Though they are both active and intelligent, particular points of dissimilarity will help signify the differences easier.

LIFE SPAN12-14 years10-13 years
EAR SHAPETriangulaPointy tips
COAT COLORINGSolid and consistentBi-Colored

Other than these, it is also necessary to know the six key differences between these breeds.

Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd – Coat Color

  • Initially, you will feel that German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are similar in appearance. But, after paying attention to it, the coat shade will give you a clue in making the difference.
  • Belgian Malinois are blonder and fawn in color, with black ears and mask.
  • The German shepherd has a darker shade all over the body, with black and dark blond fur mixes. Moreover, this breed has 3 to 4 more shades of coats.

Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd – A Little Muscle Goes A Long Way

  • These two breeds differ in their size primarily because of their muscle mass.
  • Belgian Malinois has a lean figure and is tall. Their muscles are well built and are meant for high speed, which is 30 mph according to their compact size. Also, an adult male weighs less than 60 to 80 lbs.
  • However, if you observe a male German shepherd, their weight is typically 90 lbs. Their bulkier muscles make them highly impressive, which you can see when compared to the Belgian Malinois.

Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd – Independence and Training

  • German shepherds and Belgian Malinois enjoy working in different fields, so they are termed career-oriented dogs.
  • The German shepherd is entirely independent when given a piece of work. They do not believe in pleasing the owner with incomplete and quick results.
  • Belgian Malinois is less efficient when compared with the German shepherd.
  • Both breeds work really hard with humans and other dogs alike, but GSD is much more stubborn during a training session when compared to the Belgian Malinois.
  • Additionally, German shepherd dogs are much more intelligent as they are eager to learn new things. At the same time, Belgian Malinois prefers their routine and thrives on it. Also, if you appreciate Belgian Malinois, they will like performing to the best of their ability. GSD also does the additional task as they love working and innovating.

Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd – Family Matters

  • However, when comparing the behavior of German shepherds and Belgian Malinois with the family, both have a valuable contribution. Let us now notice the behavior of these two breeds with the kids.
  • German shepherds tend to hold their energy and remain patient when interacting with the kids. They prefer observing highly energetic children and will respond with calmness and patience.
  • On the other hand, Belgian Malinois is startled by the kids’ presence. It is because they exhibit more emotional sensitivity and awareness toward human beings when compared.
  • But, if you are training them correctly and are under supervision, both are fantastic companions of human beings. They are highly loyal, bond well with their owners and family, and require some time to gel up with the kids. Therefore, family members are entirely safe with them and can have fun with their canines.

Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd – Working Dogs

  •  Belgian Malinois, as well as German shepherds, are rewarded for having excellent working abilities. While initially, they were herding canines but currently, both breeds are top choices in military, fire, police, and dog training positions.
  • Also, you will be pleased to know that Belgian Malinois are much more dependable because they are consistent and willing to do one job at a time and for extended periods.
  • On the other hand, you cannot say that German shepherds are unreliable because, over time, they have proven to be a fantastic breed serving the military, the police, and at home. But, they get easily bored and stubborn and do not believe in pleasing the owner at home or the workplace.
  • These days, Belgian Malinois are picked over german shepherds because they are highly responsive to commands and wish to perform to the best of their abilities.

Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd – a Matter of Good Health

  • If you have pets at home, veterinary care is indispensable. Different breeds are susceptible to varying diseases. If you compare Belgian Malinois Vs. German shepherd, the former is healthier than the other. Both are prone to dysplasia in their joints and have eye issues. And most commonly, they can suffer from various kinds of allergies.
  • When considering the German shepherd, you have to worry about their health as they tend to suffer from various types of sickness. Moreover, they can plague the Belgian Malinois with chronic diarrhea, diabetes, cancer, lupus, etc.; despite being a German shepherd lover, you must know the cost of petting German shepherds and keeping them healthy is much higher.

Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd – Anxiety Matter

  •  We know that Belgian Malinois and German shepherds are high in energy. Unfortunately, this is one of the most critical factors that can convert their energy and mental capacity into anxiety.
  • They can both develop issues because they are prone to such diseases. In case they lack proper training and routine, they usually build fear, aggression, and insecurities.

Therefore both breeds are highly cautious and are prepared to respond to their handlers. Because of these factors, they are both accepted by society as beloved pets and employed in different work sectors.

Get yourself an energetic, active, and loyal canine that will be a perfect companion. With them, you will have lovely times and memories that you can cherish throughout your life. So, if you read through Belgian Malinois vs. German shepherd it will help you decide better.