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Sable German Shepherd Everything You Need To Know

Are you fond of dogs and need a breed with the exceptional characteristics of a Sable German shepherd but also something unique and different?

If that’s Your Requirement, Why Don’t You Adopt a Sable German shepherd?

The Sable German shepherd is a recognized breed, not a crossbreed canine. Therefore, they enjoy all the benefits of a purebred. Also, they are prevalent because of their intelligence, intense loyalty, and trainability. People love them more because of their attractive looks, sleek body, and noble appearance.

Your interest in this German shepherd will enhance knowing that this is the actual color. And, the only variation in German shepherds with a similar shade of the founding member of this specific breed.

Sable German shepherds are perfect companions, and you can bring them home. If you are eager to know everything about the sable German shepherd, continue reading this blog. Here you will learn about their temperaments, intelligence, playfulness, and hard work.

Breed Origin:

In order to understand the origin of this breed, a sable German shepherd, you must go back to the time when it was first spotted.

Primarily German shepherd was a sable and recognized by Von Stephanitz at a dog show. By looking at it, he decided that this was the perfect working dog. He paid a high cost for it and adopted the canine, which was brought up with other dogs to get German shepherd litters.

And, if you wish to know, the first time spotted in America was in 1906, and it received its recognition in 1908 by AKC.

What Are the Crucial Characteristics of the Sable German shepherd?

Health Risks:

  • Usual German shepherds have a life span of 10+ years and can reach 12 to 14 if you provide them with proper care and living. Research shows that this is the average lifespan of dogs of this size.
  • Therefore German shepherds with the smaller body have a longer life when compared to larger size dogs. Also, if their size increases, the span will significantly reduce to a reasonable extent.
  • Many of the usual health issues that impact this German shepherd breed are a result of being inbred early while developing. Anyone who expects them to be immune to these diseases is useless, especially when further ingrained is necessary for producing dark colors.
  • Hence, it is typical for these puppies to have elbow and hip dysplasia, which is often regarded as a developmental abnormality in the joints which will confine movement. Moreover, it is also responsible for causing immense pain to the canines.
  • The cause of such disease is the growth of the body parts at various speeds. Proper nutrition is vital for your pups if you wish to prevent this. Also, focus on adequately exercising the dogs to help them grow healthy.
  • If you take proper care of the canine, even if they develop dysplasia in their hip or elbow, it will cause no harm to the young pups.
  • In contrast, older German shepherds benefit by visiting the orthopedic that helps them remove the pressure from the joints.

This particular breed is also prone to degenerative myelopathy. In this condition, the canine’s spinal cord is directly affected, which becomes visible in aging dogs after they become more than 7+ years old.

Energy Level:

After you have learned about the issues with the German shepherds, you ought to know their bright side.

  • Sable German shepherds are fun loving, playful, and active; therefore, you must look after their mental and physical stimulation. When you adopt a pup, you must ensure proper health by serving them nutritious food.
  • Their high energy level is responsible for making them the best working dogs. When they are on duty, it helps them stimulate their inner strength and overcome challenging situations. They are also happy, pleasing their owners to receive rewards in the form of treats.
  • Typically, they will need 60 to 90 minutes of workout regularly. This time you can divide it into two sessions so that you can enjoy the task. But the exercising time reduces if you have a puppy and they are small in size and weight.
  • If you are supposed to follow the general rule, puppy exercise lasts 5 minutes daily until they become adults. Sable german shepherds reach adulthood after 18 months or so. Therefore, you can evaluate that the pups need half hours per day and adults three times it.


  • The color of the German shepherd hardly makes any difference, so you can expect a sable German shepherd to blend with the apparent temperament of the breed.
  • German shepherds are often famous as self-assured and highly active dogs. The combination of eagerness and intelligence to please their owners and learn new things makes them the best breed. So, you are lucky to have a loyal, obedient, and protective canine.
  • When you examine their loyalty, you will be delighted to know that it extends to the situations of the family. These breeds love families and quickly adopt everyone as a part of their pack. So, you will see that they are highly protective and highly alert and will grab your attention with loud barking sounds.
  • But, German shepherds are not usually aggressive and will behave according to their training and surroundings. Many times, experience also impacts them. Still, you can handle it if you have the patience and love to train and treat them with love and care.
  • With this info, you must know that German shepherds are often famous for severe dog bites. They are large and have an exceptional strength that results in such edges. It is not because of their aggressive behaviors. Instead, they are much more loving and protective of their owners and people who do not harm them.

Also, German shepherds are solid dogs and do not have soft bites like a golden retriever. Therefore, proper socialization is necessary as it will help them grow their natural protective instinct and behave better with strangers. So, focus on training them consistently and appropriately. Therefore, understand their knowledge and compliance, which you can use as and when required.

FAQs On Sable German Shepherds:

Sable German Shepherd Puppies For Sale
Sable German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

What does sable mean when it comes to German shepherds?

Sable refers to a particular color of German shepherds. They have a coat with lighter roots and darker tips covering most of their body. Since the tips are usually black, the canine looks grayish; hence it is a natural shade variation within this breed.

Did you know the popularity of the sable German shepherd?

Sable German shepherds are much less when compared to the tan, red, and black shades that dominate the breed. Hence, the sable pup will be more expensive than the others, and pure black German shepherds are rare.

How big are sable German shepherds?

Sable German shepherds aren’t bigger than standard ones. Males are 75 to 95 pounds, whereas females are 55 to 75. Also, you will know more about the puppy after looking at its parents.

Are German shepherds family dogs?

German shepherds are excellent pets for active households. They are protective, obedient, loving, and loyal if you provide them with proper training and socialization. Usually, they are good with kids, but it is better to supervise them when they are with children. This is important regardless of their breed and level of behavior. There are times when accidents have taken place when the dog and the children have been familiar with each other for years.

What is that one behavior that people will dislike about German shepherds?

Sable German shepherds tend to suspect everyone around, which makes them extra protective. But, if you are training and helping them socialize right from a young age, it is easy to teach them and reduce this trait. Despite everything, they will carry this trait throughout their lives.

What is the cost of a sable German shepherd?

The price varies depending on their size and weight. For example, if you are buying a puppy, the price will be around $800 to $1500. But, if you are purchasing a standard German shepherd puppy, their cost is much lesser.

However, if the price exceeds your budget, consider speaking to an expert who can help you.

Bottom Line about Sable German Shepherds:

Do you want a dog that is loyal and loving? You’ll find it in the form of an excellent Sable German Shepherd! Professionals can train these pups, so they know how to behave when around people or other animals.

They’re also gentle with children if needed – but make no mistake: this pup will protect his family members from any threat at their disposal (even downing birds).

If outdoor playtime sounds fun, consider adding these dogs into your life because there’s nothing better than feeling safe while running through fields.

Sable German shepherds are much rarer than just about any other color of GSD, but that doesn’t make them any different. They’re energetic and protective like all others in the breed – only theirs has an added edge due to their distinctive coat!

With training from early on- these dogs can be very safe as long you know what kind-hearted pup will fulfill your every need. This blog will give you sufficient knowledge of Sable German Shepherds and Everything You Need To Know about them.