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White German shepherd Everything You Need to Know

White German shepherds are rare, but they are prevalent all over. They are famous for their plush white coat, high intelligence, and athletic body. This unique German shepherd breed comes with a lot of similar characteristics. Also, they carry the recessive white fur coat gene.

Since they are white, you will need to spend more time grooming them and can still get the company of a loyal, loving, and trusted canine.

A Glimpse at the History of the German Shepherds:

Well, are there notable differences between the white coat German shepherd and a standard German shepherd? Moreover, they both have fluffy coats. Their unique color is due to the recessive gene similar to the others. In reality, their color never stuck, so they did not become much famous compared to other German shepherds.

If you look at the American Kennel Club, they are the most registered breed. They are popular because they are the best working dogs and are highly useful in police service, herding dogs, and military dogs. In contrast, they make an excellent family of four-legged friends who are loyal and protective of every member.

What Are the Unique or Dissimilar Characteristics of a White German shepherd?


White German Shepherds are known for their white coats and dark-colored noses. They can also be cream, nude pink, or black! The most striking features on these dogs’ bodies are usually brown eyes, with an observer saying they look “gleaming.”

The male will typically stand taller than females at 24 – 26 inches versus 22 to 24-inch heights, respectively (depending upon breed). He weighs about 75 pounds, whereas she’s more likely between 60 – 70 lbs., though there may exist some variants where this varies slightly.


What makes them so different from other dogs is that they have long coats. Compared to their shorter-haired counterparts, these German shepherds don’t shed as much fur so you won’t have as many hairballs in your house!

If cleanliness is something we can work with or tolerate, this breed might be flawed. But if the shedding rates are essential when choosing pets – they should always turn out well regardless of what kind of pet owners expect.


Of course, the coat color of a White German Shepherd is white! This makes them stand out and set themselves apart from any other breed. The only thing that might set these dogs apart is their fur patterns. They also come in many colors, such as black or brown, but always have a snowy tinge.

Also, recessive genes impact skin pigmenting abilities and eye hues (although typically seen shades may vary).

In contrast, you’ll notice everything else about how the look matches what we see when looking at your typical tan-colored German shepherds, namely those dark expressive eyes.


White German shepherd dogs have a calm and gentle nature but will react appropriately to protect their pack. They may only become aggressive when “provoked”, mistreated, or left on leashes all day without exercise.

They watch over the family from afar with protective loyalty in case any harm comes towards them – especially small children that they view as part of their pack (which could be made up of multiple dogs). White Germans tend to have happier lives if given active families who love outdoor activities such as going camping & hiking regularly.


The life expectancy for a white German shepherd is relatively long. They live somewhere between 12 and 14 years old with proper care, which means they’ll be around until your great-grandkids are ready to take over!

Identified health issues

Unfortunately, as with any dog breed, there’s a chance your new White German Shepherd may develop health problems. However, these can depend on what kind of GSDs you get and where they are from.

So make sure to research both parent dogs before purchasing! A few common issues include elbow dysplasia (a condition seen in many large breeds) or hip disorders such as HIP DYSPLASIA, which cause lameness if left untreated over time due to pain caused by inflammation inside their joints.

Daily Life

Imagine life with a canine partner who is loyal and honest-hearted towards you but also protective of their family. The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) has been known for centuries to be one such breed; intelligent yet active at heart with an unyielding dedication toward those they love.

This makes them perfect companions in our fast-paced world, where people go about daily routines without much thought or care about others outside.

Food and Diet

  • Since white German shepherds are large dogs, you must ensure large diets so that they have enough energy and remain healthy. If you care for your canine, then consult a vet who will guide you about diet for large dog breeds.
  • And, if you are serving them special packed dog foods, read the information on the pouch or the box for better use. It will also give you an idea of how much you need to feed them depending on the pup’s age and weight.
  • Usually, an adult white German shepherd requires approx 1500 calories per day. And you can achieve this by serving them three cups of dog food. At the same time, a puppy requires three meals daily compared to adults, who need two meals to stay active and healthy. However, the present era demands a hectic life, so a proper system and timetable for feeding the pups will enable you to manage better.
  • Apart from all these, you must ensure the German shepherd food is full of nutrition. It must contain the necessary nutrition in its meals, including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.·       Please visit the vet or read the instructions because the focus is on the dog’s size when serving them food. Also, good quality dry kibble is a fantastic option, even if some dog owners like serving them raw food.

Regular exercise

  • White German shepherd is a breed that is highly active and needs to exercise for more extended periods. This breed is often used by police and is one of the most popular working dogs; they require sufficient mental and physical stimulation to help keep you happy.
  • So, as the dog owner, you must ensure exercising the white German shepherds at least 60 to 90 minutes per day. You can include different kinds of indoor or outdoor games, such as walks and mental and physical games. Your happiness will have no boundaries knowing that the canines will be more comfortable if you have a yard where they can run and play around.
  • However, for people living in small apartments, GSDs cannot fully play and use their energy, so they will not get enough exercise. They will develop health issues and unwanted and destructive behaviors without appropriate training.

Compatible with family

  • If you are thinking of a white German shepherd, it is exciting to know that they make an excellent family dog. This breed is so loyal that they protect you from harmful activity. It is because they are also known as fantastic guard dogs. But you need to begin training them right when you bring them home. From a young age, let them know that everything is not a threat and need not bark for hours.
  • Since you know that German shepherds are working dogs, exercise is a must for optimum mental and physical health stimulation. So, you must understand that they are the best pets who require spending time outdoors for long hours. Also, when it comes to hiking, running, or walking companions, they are the best. They are highly energetic and can easily fit into a very active family.
  • Since white German shepherd dogs are large, they will need a bigger space for living at ease. So, a house with a big backyard will be sufficient for them to run around. It is comfortable for them, and thriving in a small apartment might make them more aggressive and even adopt disruptive behaviors.
  • You must also know that this specific breed has a characteristic of high prey drive. Therefore, if you introduce them to infants or kids, ensure proper safety initially. You will also notice that they are protecting your kids every time. In contrast, if you help them socialize, they are the best guard for children.
  • It is challenging to introduce your white German shepherds to new tasks or things, but if you give them enough time, you can still present new things. Alternatively, they are also highly friendly with other family pet dogs, so you will have no issues then, as they are quick in making friends.

The other characteristics you can pay attention to are their training abilities, grooming requirements, and the cost of keeping them healthy and happy.

White German shepherds are equally good are standard German shepherds. But they have different characteristics that tempt you to adopt one of these magnificent-looking dogs as your pet. Despite having high demands, they are the most loved fluffy animals in your life and worth all your attention and love. This is essential information about white German shepherd everything you need to know.