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The German shepherd is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and loyal dog breeds. Not to mention that GSD puppies are so adorable and lovable. Therefore, no dog lover would hesitate to buy a German shepherd puppy to become a proud dog owner.

The popularity of German shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds all over the world and for good reasons. They are known for their devotion towards their owners. Most importantly, GSD’s are intelligent and capable-working dogs. That’s why German Shepherds are commonly seen in police and military services. German Shepherds can be of great service if they are trained properly. A German Shepherd is the most faithful companion a human could ever have!

4 Easy Ways to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherds have different incredible traits of being extremely intelligent, athletic, faithful, energetic, and lovable, they are versatile. And it’s quite easy to train them provided the right training method.

1) Begin the training process at the right time

Although a German Shepherd dog is easily trainable, they won’t be as you want them to be if you don’t start the training process at the right time. If you want your GSD puppy to be trained properly, you should start the training process when he or she is near about eight weeks old. It’s the right time to develop your puppy’s personality and bond your relationship with the puppy early.

2) Socialize your puppy early
Making your puppy used to be around people is one of the most important things you should focus on when training your puppy. Isolating your puppy from people and other animals will only make them unfriendly and aggressive. Therefore, do not ever make the mistake of isolating them from people around you. Your puppy will be friendly once you introduce them to others.

3) Start training the process with basic commands
The basic commands would be; sit, stay, fetch, etc. You will need to start training your puppy with these basic commands. Make sure your puppy gets used to these basic commands as quickly as possible. However, your puppy will not understand the commands instantly. Therefore, you will have to have patience when training your adorable puppy.

4) Discipline your puppy about the feeding time
Training your puppy about the feeding and its timing is a crucial part of the training process. It’s very important to train a puppy about feeding time. You could use food treats to make your puppy used to your commands. Any puppy would be motivated to follow your command if he or she is rewarded with a treat. You can gradually make the puppy used to your commands like sit and wait for the food.
If you want a loyal companion for you, A German Shepherd puppy is the best you can have as your pet. Nevertheless, if you haven’t become a proud dog owner, you can buy a German Shepherd puppy in Badger from SmithFarms German Shepherds the most trusted German Shepherd Breeder. Here, all the puppies are quality breed, healthy, and most importantly, AKC registered.